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France officially named the Republic of France Is one of the countries in Western Europe that area and the territories beyond the seas lot as well. France is one of only three countries where beaches in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean (the other two are from Spain and Morocco ). Because the map of the country, the French call it l'Hexagone (meaning: hexagons ) to have.

Based on area, France is more or less the size of the country and the largest country in Western Europe and the Union of Europe and the third largest in all of Europe is one. France's population is 67 million tons with the number of border crossings, France ranked second most populous country in Europe after Germany's. Central France, the city of Paris is. Paris largest city and main center of commerce and culture in France. French constitution based on 3 October 1958 a referendum was approved. The law's emphasis on creating a secular and democratic country where people, creates sovereignty. Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in the French Revolution was prepared and one of the first of its kind in this area is considered historical documents, such expresses the beliefs of the country.

After the end of the Middle Ages, France became one of the leading forces in Europe, so that in the 19th and 20th centuries has had many colonies and the colonial territories. During its long history, France has become the focus of growing many artists, scholars and scientists in the various fields as far as the country's center of origin and prosperity of the world consider modern culture. During centuries XVII and XVIII, the scientific community, cultural and artistic France and thinkers from all over Europe that joined the time to figure out that the "Enlightenment" He is the intellectual achievements of social and one of the brightest periods of human history. Is. France is the fourth country holds a UNESCO World Heritage site in the world that's why, each year, more than 83 million foreign tourists are attracted to the country - more than any other country in the world.